Intake Manifolds

Intake Manifolds

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632 BIG CHIEF Intake Manifold, 10.200" deck, Dart 14 Deg

Specifically developed for the 632 Big Chief 10.200" deck block running Dart 14 degree cylinder head..


Custom Billet Intake Manifold

What could be better than a truly custom billet intake manifold designed specifically for your engin..


Fast LSX 92mm

Designed by Wilson Manifolds the new FAST™ LSX™ 92mm Black Intake Manifold maintains the performan..


Intermediate Ported Edelbrock Intake Manifolds

Wilson Manifolds Intermediate ported Edelbrock Victor intakes offer the racer a cost-effective opt..


Ported + Modified Nissan GT-R Manifold - Hammercoat

Own a Nissan GT-R? Need a manifold capable of producing 1000hp+? We've got you covered. Wilson Manif..


Sheet Metal Lid - Holley Hi-Ram

The Holley Hi-Ram series of intake manifolds are quite popular and they perform adequately, but in o..


Wilson Profiler 13° SBC Manifold

We've expanded our line of SBC single plane manifolds to include a new 13 degree configuration. This..


Wilson Profiler 23° SBC Manifold

Wilson Manifolds - the leader in induction design and technology - has joined forces with Pro-Filer..